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Company to learning, innovation, dedication and excellence of the spirit of enterprise

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Company to learning, innovation, dedication and excellence of the spirit of enterprise

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Leling Weigel Rubber Co., Ltd. is a professional car tire production enterprises, located in a Leling City, Shandong Province, "China Watkins jujube" reputation. Registered capital of 235.88 million yuan, the company was founded in 2002, it covers an area of two hundred and sixty thousand square meters, the existing staff of 600 people, including senior technical staff of 62 people. The company invested one billion yuan in 2009, the construction of an annual output of 1.2 million high-grade steel truck radial tire project. Project full production technology since the introduction of the "National tire technology and control engineering technology research center", is equipped with a world-class level of German, American, Italian technology production equipment. Companies pay attention to application of new technologies, spending huge sums equipped with China's first "tire - curing automated production line system", truly procedures, automation and control the production process, while the first application of a tire RFID chip technology to achieve a tire production, warehousing, sales and after-sales service throughout the digital and information management. Company to learning, innovation, dedication and excellence of the entrepreneurial spirit, adhere to quality-oriented, innovative, continuous improvement, quality improvement purposes, and resolutely implement the intentions of understanding of customer needs, strict quality control process to ensure product quality standards, timely quality tracking, quickly handle customer objections service concept to the same boat and development, Freemasonry a brilliant approach to business, to build China's most trusted tire business, a world-renowned quality brand tires.

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